In the latest release of SoundPLAN 8.0, we implemented the Sound Particle Diffraction method.

A paper presented by SoundPLAN at Internoise 2016 in Hamburg, Germany is available for download SoundPLAN Sound Particle Diffraction theory SoundPLAN 8.0.

With the new Sound Particle Diffraction (SPD) model, it is now possible to model a factory building with multiple rooms and calculate the transmission from room to room through the walls. This means we can evaluate scenarios where a source is encapsulated in a machine enclosure, calculate the noise level in an operator stand shielded from the noisy factory floor, compute noise levels in an office adjacent to the noisy factory floor or the standard setup for power plants where the turbine sits on a floor slab and part of the machine house is open from ground to the roof.

Example of the implementation:




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