SoundPLAN Cartography Module

The SoundPLAN Cartography Module features advanced graphic enhancements for high performance users. Some of the main features are listed here below:

* loading measured data from a tab separated data file format (x, y, coordinates, overall level, specific frequency)
* triangulation and data mapping
* multiple plots on one graph for a side by side comparison of various noise contour calculations
* plotting dB levels with the contour lines
* enhancing plots by adding external graphics or pictures (i.e. .bmp, .jpeg, .wmf etc.)
* adding and comparing the measure sound pressure levels with predicted (calculated) sound levels
* adding your own pictograms
* enhance noise maps with sceneries such as trees, roofs and other 3D objects
* drawing of attribute labels for objects

Noise mapping features

In the examples below some enhanced features from the Cartography Module:

* show ares with high noise levels where hearing protection should be worn (OSHA Noise Zones)
* identify equipment / installations that need noise mitigation
* visualize hotspots with 1/3 octave details
* correlate hotspots with the frequency response in the community

soundplan cartography hotspot example

SoundPLAN cartography hotspot example

soundplan cartography example

SoundPLAN cartography example