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SoundPLAN® was one of the very first noise modeling softwares on the market, debuting in 1986. The core of our business was and is the prediction of noise in the environment. Noise emitted by various sources propagates and disperses over a given terrain in accordance to the laws of physics. Worldwide, many governments and engineering associations felt the need to algorithmize the principles of acoustics so that different engineers assessing the same scenario would get reasonably close answers.

When the first standards were introduced, computers were not available for everyday noise calculations, so the equations were simplified for hand calculations. Some of these standards, designed 30 years ago, are still in use today. Over time, generations of researchers have measured noise and developed different interpretations of cause and effect, so the equations are becoming more complex to better represent the complex nature of sound propagation in the environment. The calculations have become so complicated and time consuming that the use of computers is paramount. Hand calculations and rough estimates with spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Our website tries to show the ever more complex world of physics and how our software solves complex problems automatically to free the consulting engineer”s mind so he can solve the creative part of noise planning. Trusting routine tasks to the software allows you to concentrate on your plan and how to present your findings to municipalities, environmental administrations and private and government bodies from research to planning. Learn about

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Our interdisciplinary team consists of engineers, geographers, physicists and computer science specialists. Our team generates cutting edge engineering solutions which we to the global market in the format of our SoundPLAN software. Our SoundPLAN noise modeling software has maintained the status of the market leader for more than 20 years.

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Geo Database

The Geo-Database is the place where the most time is spent building the noise model. With the DXF and ASCII interfaces, a lot of common…Read More

Road Noise Propagation

Road Noise Propagation contains all the tools and objects needed for generating roads and calculating their emission values…Read More

Superior Calculations

Grid Noise Maps, Triangulated receiver mesh noise map, Fa├žade Noise Map, Vertical Grid Noise Map, Single receivers…Read More

Noise Models for

1.) Road, Railroads, Parking lots. 2.) Industrial point, line and area sources. 3.) Noise Protection Walls and Berms. 4) Room Acoustics / auralization …

Experience you can count on

  • Over 20 years of experience in noise model development
  • Experienced, dedicated development team consisting of software developers, program testers and a technical writer for the handbooks and documentation
  • The program is available in 14 languages
  • The software fulfills over 50 different national and international standards

soundplan model

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SoundPLAN essential 5 is the single document application for environmental noise planning of roads, railways and industrial facilities. Create noise contour maps in cities and open environment from basic 3D geometry and some traffic information or sound power data. It was conceived with the occaisional user in mind who may not have in-depth knowledge of acoustics...

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