SoundPLAN essential 4.1


SoundPLAN essential 4.1 is the latest single document application for environmental noise planning of roads, railways, and industrial facilities. Easily create noise contour maps in cities and the open environment from basic 3D geometry and some traffic information or sound power data. It was conceived with the occasional user in mind who may not have in-depth knowledge of acoustics and wants results in the smallest amount of time with the maximum amount of professionalism. It is a compact version of SoundPLAN, based on its calculation core and having its power, fast data processing, and striking graphics. It is so easy to use, even engineers without special training for noise control will have no trouble using it. And, as it includes SoundPLAN´s noise contour map capabilities, presentations are easy to create and easy to understand. SoundPLAN Essential allows standard cases to be processed quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Highlights 4.1 release :

  • Advanced interface to Google Earth with the possibility to directly import aerial photos as a background map and ground elevation.
  • The noise propagation standard Nord2000 is now included for industrial noise. Nord2000 is the most advanced calculation standard available for environmental noise predictions at the moment taking into account almost contributable parameters. It also enables consideration of user-specified meteorological conditions.
  • Seamless interface to d&b audiotechnik sound reinforcement systems. A one-click solution is available to integrate a complete stage setup in your noise model and calculate it according to ISO 9613-2 or Nord2000 whilst considering the phase effects,

Noise Models for:

  • Road, Railroads, Parking lots
  • Industrial point, line and area sources
  • Noise Protection Walls and Berms
  • Simulates the noise on top of continuously triangulated Digital Ground Model (DGM)

Features Include:

  • Model any size project, no limitations in objects or area size
  • Comfortably import DXF and GIS  or digitize on bitmaps
  • Easy presentation of scenarios with or without a noise protection barrier
  • Calculations based on the Digital Ground Model (DGM)
  • Local noise standards provided for most countries
  • Easy to use graphical data interface
  • Striking grid noise and contour maps

Result Tables and Graphics:

The emission level calculations and the results of the noise propagation are presented in a tabular form in predefined tables. Additional text can be added for map descriptions and you can customize the layout for each object. Plus:

  • Tabular documentation of source properties
  • Documentation of source contribution levels
  • Level tables show the noise level for all floors and time slices
  • Limit contour lines option


SoundPLAN Essential datasheet