2 SoundPLAN trainigs scheduled for April 2016 done by the highly experienced SoundPLAN user / trainer Hans Forschner, currently working with Navcon USA.

Basic SoundPLAN Training:

3 day SoundPLAN Beginner training: 25 – 27 April 2016, Bangkok, Thailand.

Ø Primary Focus – Industry Noise / General Outdoor Noise Propagation
Ø Secondary Focus – Road, Rail and Wind Turbine Noise Model
Ø Modelling Concepts for Developing Noise Model
Ø Data import (DXF, Shape Files, Google Earth, Aerial)
Ø Data Organization
Ø Project Organization
Ø Documentation
Ø Graphics Output
Ø Wall Design
Ø Expert Industry (light)
Ø Work on a small project

Advanced SoundPLAN training:

2 Day Advanced SoundPLAN Training: 28 – 29 April 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

Ø Review of current SoundPLAN release v7.4
Ø Review of Data & Project Organization
Ø Advanced Data Manipulation in GDB (Attribute Explorer)
Ø Industry Noise Modelling with new source definition / Expert Industry
Ø Directivity Input
Ø Advanced Graphic Features (Difference Map, Mapping Noise Levels, conflict Maps, 3D, Animation)
Ø Meshed Contour Maps, Cross Section Map, Combination of Maps
Ø Spreadsheet & Graphics
Ø Example project would available for the attendees and we use that data during the training

If you like to join, please fill in our contact form. Early bird discount for booking/payment before 1-3-2016.

Download info about these SoundPLAN trainings SoundPLAN Training Thailand 2016_update.

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