SoundPLAN Asia is organizing scheduled training with different topics as well as private training at your office for your engineers only throughout Asia.

Offline SoundPLAN training

Typically we will focus on a certain aspect of noise prediction for training, for example, industrial noise, aircraft noise, rail/road-noise, room acoustics etc. Of course, we can adapt training for your specific needs. Our experienced SoundPLAN engineers will make sure you can make the best usage of our SoundPLAN software. SoundPLAN Asia organizes scheduled training open for all users as well as private training for your staff at your office.

Scheduled SE Asia training:

6th of April 2020: SoundPLAN Industrial Outdoor Noise training, 1 day, Jakarta, Indonesia (POSTPONED)

8th of June 2020: SoundPLAN Road Noise training, 1 day, Bangkok, Thailand (POSTPONED)

11th of August 2020: SoundPLAN Industrial Indoor Noise training, 1 day, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

27th of October 2020: SoundPLAN Railway Noise training, 1 day, Bangkok, Thailand

Please let us know your requirements.

Online SoundPLAN training

We also created a lowcost training available online at Udemy, it’s for SoundPLAN Essential 5 for environmental engineers, acoustical engineers and noise control engineers. No prerequisites. (link to SoundPLAN Essential 5 training).

SoundpPLAN Essential Udemy online training